Toula Limnaios

The cie. toula limnaios was founded in Brussels by the choreographer and performer Toula Limnaios and the composer Ralf R Ollertz in 1996. Two years later it moved its headquarters to Berlin. It produces within a continually expanding interdisciplinary network and works year-round with the ensemble. In 2001 it was awarded the development prize of the “Meeting Neuer Tanz”. In 2003 it opened its own theater, the HALLE, which has been established internationally since then. In 2004 the company’s Beckett trilogy, titled “atemzug”, was produced as a dance film for ZDF/arte. Since 2005 the company has received Basisförderung (structural 2-year support) from the Berlin Cultural Senate. Its broad repertoire of 25 works can be seen on German stages as well as internationally in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Lituania, Lettland, Greece, Poland, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland and Venezuela. Today the cie. toula imnaios is one of the most successful companies for contemporary dance in germany.

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