Tanzhaus Köln

An exciting dance season Cologne Interim House – not least because of the cultural-political debates and the difficult financial situation of the financial city of Cologne, is behind us. At 30.07. 2010, the interim use of the dance house was completed as agreed. We have for the time of the interim a vision turned into reality and open new spaces for art.

The response to our efforts was unexpectedly large and extended far out over Cologne, for example, major representatives of the Dutch dance scene during this period included contacts with us.

The interim has made free energies, and give impetus encounters possible. Especially in the encounter of different dialects of this universal language in the opportunities that will lead this meeting for mutual artistic cross-fertilization, is the attraction and the purpose of this project, because without this threat standstill, and that would be the exact opposite of dance. It turned out that something else may arise here: a great laboratory for dance, which could react in contact with various substances to create something totally new.

In this respect, was the dance house Cologne stepping stone for raum13 and its employees, not just a co-ordinated by you playing space, but a workshop to develop and implement new ideas and formats, this referred not only to the artistic space, but also on legal, economic and technical structures.

We have not the wishes, needs and demands for a dance house in Cologne in something concrete and tied to a phantom and consider the house in Mülheim continue to be very suitable. It’s much more difficult, something that exists, and whether it is a stepping stone, explained away again. Much easier and noiseless plans and visions vanish again, a danger that we see in the current budget situation as particularly relevant.

We can see in this relatively short time – opening for all dance professionals on 28 02. 2010, operating from 08 Public game 05th 2010, final performance 09.07.210 – has had some notable successes, including:

31 performances, including two world premieres and 10 premieres
102 participating artists
325 dancers at ALLESWASTANZT PEAK # 2
More than 3000 spectators at the shows
4 workshops
4 months professional training and rehearsals
5 Dance House Interim Cologne formats for the opening of the communicative art form dance
These five formats developed by us in a special way reflect our intentions and visions for a dance house in Cologne. In your document, as the conceptual work might look like in a dance house in Cologne. They serve a communicative art form of the opening dance.

These formats are:

Absolute Beginners
U 30 choreographers competition
Soup Kitchen (regular meeting-point and agitation)
The future is now! (Crossover of the Arts)
Our thanks to all who have been actively involved in recent months for the creation of the dance house Cologne interim, the artists, partners, employees of the house, the politicians, the culture administration, the sponsors, the many people of Cologne, which for this project have been interested, and not least to our viewers.

In difficult times such a commitment to culture is not self-evident.

With anticipation we may in Cologne on the Council’s decision on 7 October 2010 look, because this will decide on the future of dance in Cologne. It would be a unique chance for Cologne to continue on the path once trodden and not to stop half way.

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