Russian National Ballet

post code 125047

Moscow, Russia

Oruzheniy pereulok. 15, stroeniye 1

Artistic Director – Radchenko Sergei

Tel.: +7 (495) 151-54-39

The Russian National Ballet was founded in 1989 as the Moscow Festival Ballet by two former stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, the legendary Maris Liepa and Sergei Radchenko. It was the first independent (non-goverment) ballet company to be formed in Russia and quickly gained international recognition. It was renamed the Russian National Ballet in January 1998 and is currently under the direction of Sergei and Elena Radchenko.

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  1. Участник Русского Национального балета сделал небольшой фильм о гастролях коллектива в Америку в 2007 г. Присутствуют моменты внутренней жизни ребят в поездке: вечеринки, курящие на улице балерины в пачке и т. д. Больше бы таких видео! Свяжитесь с нами! Оцифруем и разместим….

    Russian National Ballet on tour. Home video.

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