Moscow Classical Ballet of N. Kasatkina and V. Vasiliev


post code 125040

Russia, Moscow, Leningradsky prospekt, 25

Artistic Director - Natalia Kasatkina

Tel.: +7 (495) 251-7526

Fax: +7 (495) 251-3003

+7 (495) 251-4114

The Moscow Classical Ballet came into existence as the Young Ballet, the USSR State Choreographic Company in 1966. It was established by the USSR Ministry of Culture and under the artistic direction of Igor Moiseyev gave its first performance in 1968. Its repertoire consisted of excerpts from classical ballets and choreographic miniatures produced by such choreographers as Vinogradov, Goleizovsky, Messerer and Moiseyev himself.

In 1977, Vladimir Vasiliev, Asaf Messerer's pupil, and Natalia Kasatkina, Marina Semyonova's student, assumed the roles of artistic directors. Their arrival on the scene transformed the ballet company into the troupe it is today.

In 1986, the company acquired a new status "State" and its present name. Later,the company was granted the title of "Academic Theatre" by the Russian government. The Moscow Classical Ballet remains one of the few Russian ballet companies still supported by the Russian government.

The Artistic Directors have enjoyed significant individual recognition as well. In addition to being listed in Who's Who, Natalia Kasatkina became a member of the Order of International Ambassadors of the American Biographical Institute in 1996 and was included in the Presidential Edition of Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, which was published in 1997. In 1995, Vladimir Vasilev was awarded the title of People's Actor of Russia, a title that had previously been given to Ms. Kasatkina.

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  • Cinderella
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina 1993
  • Coppelia
    by Saint-Leon 1870
  • Creation of the World
    by V. Vasilev and N. Kasatkina 1971
  • Don Quixote
    by A. Gorskiy, M. Petipa
  • Giselle
    by M. Petipa, J. Perrot, J. Coralli
  • La traviata
    by V. Vasilev and N. Kasatkina 1995
  • Mowgli
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina 2007
  • Romeo and Juliet
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina 1981
  • Spartacus
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina 2002
  • Strauss Gala
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina
  • Swan Lake
    by L. Ivanov, M. Petipa 1895
  • The Firebird
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina
  • The Miraculous Mandarin
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina 1996
  • The Nutcracker
    by V. Vasilyov, N. Kasatkina 1993
  • The Rite of Spring
    by V. Vasiliev, N. Kasatkina 1965
  • The Sleeping Beauty
    by M. Petipa 1890


  • Belorybkin, Sergey
    Classical Ballet / Artistic Director
  • Berezina, Ekaterina
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Chevychelov, Nikolai
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Doksomova, Ludmila
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Galimullin, Ilgiz
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Grishina, Irina
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Kasatkina, Natalia
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer
  • Khapova, Ekaterina
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Khoroshilov, Artem
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Kosyreva, Diana
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Kyrova, Polina
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Lapina, Galina
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Lezina, Alexandra
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Muravlyov, Vladimir
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Ogneva, Natalia
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Orlov, Alexei
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Podavalova, Alena
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Rzhannikova, Marina
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Strizhak, Anatoly
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Sturov, Vladimir
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Vasilev, Vladimir
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer

Archive Persons

  • Artamonov, Ilya
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Pavlova, Olga
    Classical Ballet / Principal
  • Prjadkin, Alexei
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Smirnova, Victoria
    Classical Ballet / Soloist
  • Surov, Maxim
    Classical Ballet / Corps de ballet