Inoue Ballet Foundation

Originally established in 1968 under the title of ‘Ballet de Chambre de Hirofumi Inoue’, the Foundation has presented over 50 productions involving over 3,000 dancers, including the following international guest artistes: From the UK: Anton Dolon, John Gilpin, David Brair, Donald Mcleary, Jelko Yuresha (3 times), Andre Prokovsky, Galina Samsova, The New London Ballet Company, Belinda Wright, David Wall, Nicolas Johnson and Vincent Hantam; From France: Arnaund Coste, Patrick Dupond, Cyrll Atanassoff (3 times), Nina Vyroubova, Bruno de Saint-Chaffrey, Boris Lazarov; Other guests: Ichko Razalov of Bulgaria and Igor Kosak of West Germany; Michael Birkmeyer of Vienna,Austria; Scott Schlexer and Joseph Duell of the USA; Frank Andersen of Denmark; Goran Svalberg of Sweden; Nikolai Fyodorov of the former Soviet Union; Zlatco Panic of Yugoslavia; Guest choreographers: Anton Dolon, Alfred Rodrigues (twice), Andre Prokovsky; Guest designers: Peter Farmer; Guests from Japanese traditional dance: Koisaburo Nishikawa, Masao Sugi, Tokuho Azuma, Yuki Yoshimura, Mayumi Nishizaki and Rosen Tosha
With the co-operation of these and other performers selected from all over Japan the company has performed 94 different ballets including ‘Swan Lake’, ‘The Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Firebird’, ‘Giselle’, ‘Pas de Quatre’, ‘Les Sylphides’, ‘The Nutcracker’ and modern classic numbers ‘Hagoromo’, ‘Turangalila’ and ‘Suiheisen’. Finally, dances created by incorporating Japanese traditional dance technique include Yukihime (Snow Princess), Tomonaga, Tomoshibi, Kaenjyu and Pas de Quatre.

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  1. I was teacher and choreographer of Nutcracker for Innoue Ballet in 1984/5 and want to know if the video taken at the first performance at The Yubin Chokin theatre Tokyo is available to me. Innoue died before I could aquire this.Please reply before my lawyer does. Faithfully S. Carlton-Jones.

  2. Dear Sir or Madame,

    I hope you are well up and have found a good way to deal with the Corona-influenced situation.

    At act’ble we are working on the research and development of dance. We are currently in the process of developing a new type of dance shoe with an innovative sole in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute. It should have a much longer use, avoid unnecessary pain and offer new possibilities of movement. ( If you are interested in further information it would be a pleasure to send you our brochure. )

    - In this context we would be very interested to know how many pointe shoes your company uses per year.

    - Of course it would be great to know how many male and female dancers the company consists of.

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    Can you give us some information? Or forward us to someone who can give us this details? (Maybe the tailor department or who else is ordering the shoes?)
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