Görlitz Tanztheater

On 2 October 1851 was the small Semper Opera House, as built by Gustav Kießler Gorlitzer theater will be called, opened with Schiller’s “Don Carlos”.
A very special eye-catcher of the neoclassical theater was and is the audience: on the ceiling ornate ornaments emblazoned in gold and red, painted heads and muse figures, the ranks and portals decorated stucco and gold decoration, teardrop-shaped crystal chandeliers reflected a thousand times the light.
All construction projects in recent decades have maintained luckily the style of the theater, so that in September 2002 – the completely reconstructed auditorium again his determination could not be passed – after the last major renovation: redeveloped from the ground up, with a new heating system, flooring and seating and provided a modern lighting and Tonloge he shines with its static by today’s findings today in the ranks of newly designed opulent appearance of 1873. Also, the original of the old town, facing north facade was restored.
The theater Görlitz is the ancestral home of musical theater Lusatia / Lower Silesia GmbH with its own opera ensemble, choir, dance and theater orchestras – the New Lausitz Philharmonic. Since 1999, produced the musical theater for the whole cultural area of ​​Lower Silesia / Upper Lusatia.
With operas, operettas, musicals and dance performances and concerts of his orchestra, the New Lausitz Philharmonic played it regularly houses in Bautzen, Hoyerswerda, Kamenz, Zittau, and – of course – Görlitz. Besides many interesting guest performances are in exchange for the drama productions at the Theatre in Bautzen and Zittau Goerlitz seen.
Besides popular repertory works such as The Bartered Bride, Madame Butterfly are new productions each year, Sun Julietta, premieres such as Neapolitan and contemporary works commissioned Radio Babylon on the board.
The offer is complemented by a varied program – from puppet theater and youth theater to film, to small cabaret theater and musical theater productions – in the small venue APOLLO (Hospitalstr. 2).
In January 2007, with the Cultural Services, a new area built into the theater, the big celebrations and festivals organized in the city and arranging the annual summer theater, this year, Jacob Boehme, and the plague at Goerlitz, the Street Theatre Festival Via Thea, the historic old town festival or Tippelmakrt the Silesian and the Christmas Market.
In addition, the Theater Görlitz has developed steadily in recent years toward a theater for the Polish-German Görlitz / Zgorzelec. The theater Görlitz is the easternmost of music theater in Germany near the border with Poland.

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