Dance Works Rotterdam

Dance Works Rotterdam/André Gingras is one of the oldest dance companies in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1975 by Käthy Gosschalk as Werkcentrum Dans. In 1988 Gosschalk changed the name to De Rotterdamse Dansgroep (The Rotterdam Dance Company). Gosschalk directed the company with a clearly recognizable vision for 25 years. Ton Simons was appointed artistic director in 1999 which led to Dance Works Rotterdam in 2001. Since this time the company has toured successfully abroad to the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Cyprus, France, Romania, Russia and Indonesia.

As of 1 March 2010 Dance Works Rotterdam entered a new artistic phase with the appointment of André Gingras as artistic director. Under the artistic leadership of Gingras, Dance Works Rotterdam/André Gingras puts contemporary dance in a social context: it brings relevant moral dilemmas into the theatre with energetic and raw dance. The company emphasizes collaboration and dialogue with other organisations and artist beyond the boundaries of contemporary dance. Gingras' international network and experience gives the company a new impulse.

Since its inception, the company has played an important part in the development of dance as a valuable component of contemporary culture. Many renowned Dutch dance artists started their career with the company, including Anouk van Dijk, Hans Tuerlings and Ed Wubbe. Throughout its rich history, the company has danced works by major international choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Jacopo Godani, Bill T. Jones, Amanda Miller and Stephen Petronio. The latest coproduction (LIBIDO) which exemplifies the new artistic direction of the company, is with Canadian choreographer Dave St. Pierre. In this new phase, Dance Works Rotterdam/André Gingras remains at the forefront of choreographic developments through Gingras' repertory and dynamic new collaborations with internationally renowned artists.

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  • Fierro, Cristian
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Gingras, André
    Contemporary dance / Artistic Director
  • Jasiński, Błażej
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Kuitenbrouwer, Benjamin
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Lebocey, Rémi
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Srisayam, Art
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Zawalski, Marek
    Contemporary dance / Dancer