Contact Dance Company

Contact Dance Company was founded in 1998 by Artistic Director and Choreographer Francesca Abela Tranter. CDC tours with a company of 7 dancers, this combination of people offer a variety of workshops, events and performances. CDC has created work aimed specifically from extensive workshop elements culminating into site specific events, these can be performed in unusual spaces, environments and high profile theatres.

CDC exists to explore and express an idea through dance, which reflects it’s Mediterranean society. Its philosophy is to create innovative work by using sources outside mainstream dance traditions and to communicating the diversity of dance vocabulary to its wide range of audiences. CDC’s repertoire ranges from fast, dynamic, bizarre, intricate, lyrical and sometimes physically brutal. Constantly evolving they have received reviews from some of the most articulate and visually stylish comments on their dances. Contact Dance Company thrives to keep on the cutting edge of dance making.

All members come from an extensive dance training background. The company occasionally engages guests to enhance their knowledge and understanding of various culture forms. Exploring further the use of visual imagery, projection and various theatre dialogues.

The company performs on invitation locally and abroad to international platforms. Throughout the year the company sets up workshops within its residency at the Dance Workshop, National Pool, Malta.

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