Centre choreographique National

21 Choreographic Centres were established in the territory since 1984, in 15 of the 22 French regions and there are 44 art directors invested. The network currently comprises 19 Centres.

The NCC, contemporary and ballet companies to create and directory are run by dance artists. Places of resources for dance, they develop art projects based on the creation and dissemination of their works, production support and welcome guest companies in residence, the choreographic development and training. These public tasks assigned to them by the state and local authorities, as part of the Planning and Policy for the dance.

The Association of National Choreographic Centre was established at Caen in 1995 in order to discuss the identification, development and implementation of the missions of SCC. Thinking is put into perspective with networks of creation and dissemination dance, political actors and institutions involved in the development of dance. * The NACC now comprises 17 choreographic centers.

Excerpt from The Art present, Association of National Choreographic Centre

* The NACC is now chaired by Emmanuelle Huynh (CNDC Angers). Its Vice-Presidents are Hela Fattoumi (NCC Caen) and Didier Deschamps (Ballet de Lorraine). Its treasurer is Yves Kordian (Ballet Biarritz) and his secretary, Oliver Perry (NCC-Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais).

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