Ballet de Lorraine

Formerly known as the Ballet Français Théâtre de Nancy, the company was renamed
the Centre Chorégraphique National – Ballet de Lorraine in 1999. The following year,
Executive and Artistic Director Didier Deschamps reaffirmed the company’s
commitment to original, creative choreography. The company is particularly active in
developing new work, and has established a reputation as a leader in contemporary
choreography. The CCN is a valuable resource for artists, allowing them to share with
an audience the fruits of their research, their artistic journey, and their vision of the
The Ballet is also a substantial organization that employs
some 60 people, including 30 dancers of diverse
nationalities, plus stage technicians, wardrobe personnel,
and communications, maintenance and administrative staff.
The Ballet also operates a school of dance that offers weekly
classes to nearly 200 students. Finally, the CCN is an
international meeting place that attracts choreographers,
dancers and dance companies from across France and
around the world.
The CCN’s program of support for
other dance companies is called
l’accueil studio—literally, ―the welcome studio.‖ The program
allows choreographers to explore and develop new work in
collaboration with other dance artists, and to share it with new
The Ballet de Lorraine also supports emerging
choreographers, enhancing their creative potential by
bringing together artists from many different disciplines.
As part of its commitment to sharing the magic of dance with
the widest possible audience, the CCN offers a dynamic
range of artistic activities, including audience development
events, television broadcasts of live performances,
exhibitions, presentations, lectures, and open rehearsals.

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