The Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre Company

Contradiction, the first performance staged by Walid Aouni in 1992 was awarded the critics' prize at the Festival of Experimental Theatre and as a result, the Modern Dance Theatre Company was established as a company of the Cairo Opera House. Under its director Walid Aouni it has since performed eighteen major works

- The Fall of Icarus (1993)

- Excavation of Agatha (1994)

- The Trilogy: Coma (1995), The Last Interview (1996), The Desert of Shady Abdel Salam (1997)

- Elephants Hide to Die (1995 - 2005)

- At the Beginning there was Dance (1997)

- Song of Whales (1998)

- Scarecrow (1999)

- Shahrazad Korsakov (2000)

- The Secrets of Samarkand (2001)

- Life Vest under Your Seat I (2001)

- Underground (2002)

- Sculpture Dream (2003)

- Life Vest under Your Seat II (2003)

- Moving Sands (2004)

- Between Dusk and Dawn (2005)

- Banat Bahary (2005)

- Fairouz Did You ever Cry (2006)

- Smell of Ice (2007)

1995 was the first time Egypt was awarded the prize of Best Scenography for Elephants Hide to Die at the Seventh International Festival of Experimental Theatre, and in 1996, it was the first Arab country to become a member of the ITI at the fifth workshop for theatre music in Munich. Khamassene Winds in 2003, was awarded "Best Scenographic Work" at the Cairo International Experimental Theatre Festivals.

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  • Aouni, Walid
    Classical Ballet / Artistic Director