O Vertigo

Constituted in 1984, O Vertigo is a company devoted to creation in new dance, performing and making known the repertoire of works conceived by its founder, artistic director, and choreographer, Ginette Laurin.

Renowned on the national and international scene, O Vertigo has toured extensively and has contributed to making the city of Montreal a focal point in the dance world today.

From Montreal to Tokyo

The company has been invited to perform at several prestigious festivals, including New York's Next Wave Festival, the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico, Dance Umbrella in London, the Biennale internationale de la danse de Lyon and the Festival de Châteauvallon in France, the Israel Festival in Jerusalem, the Dance Canada Festival in Ottawa, and the Festival international de nouvelle danse in Montreal.

Acclaimed by critics internationally, the O Vertigo productions Chagall, Don Quichotte, Train d'enfer, La Chambre blanche, Déluge and Luna were performed in more than one hundred cities, including New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Săo Paulo, Vienna and London.

Ginette Laurin

O Vertigo is first and foremost Ginette Laurin. Since the beginning of her career as a choreographer over twenty years ago, she has established herself as one of the leading figures of the Montreal dance scene. Her work stands out by its ceaseless renewal of dance, in both the movements and the images that she offers us. Her training as a gymnast, her insatiable appetite for movement, her pleasure in placing the body in limit-situations has led her to develop a unique inventive and energetic language, but also, from one creation to the next, a world full of poetry and emotion, "dance that has a soul." (La Marseillaise, July 1994).

The collaborators

O Vertigo is also made up of the collaborators and the group of performers that Ginette Laurin gathers around her. The dancers, generous and enthusiastic, are passionately involved in the process of creation, leaving the imprint of their personalities on each new work.
"Fearless, tireless, and multiskilled, they embody an ideal of late 20th century prowess."
(Los Angeles Times)

A vertiginous adventure

Creating a work is taking a plunge into the unknown. O Vertigo surrenders itself to this process body and soul, with ardour and ambition, defying the physical, aesthetic, and evocative possibilities of dance.

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  • Beaucage, Caroline Laurin
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Boone, Gillian Seaward
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Campbell, David
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Caron, Dominic
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Dekkers, Douwe
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Gagnon, Annie
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Girard, Marianne Gignac
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Long, Chi
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Meilleur, Robert
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Phillips, James
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Turner, Andrew
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Yang, Wen Shuan
    Contemporary dance / Dancer