Montserrath Otegui Compania De Danza

Founded in 2006, under the direction of Montserrath Otegui.
While the company has its foundation in ballet technique, it seeks its own identity. Without losing the precepts of classical technique, the search is moving towards a more contemporary sense.

Thus, the principal purpose is the message given through the works created and presented, always aiming at unifying a letter through dance, music and speech; cornerstone to better communicate idea that is developed, allowing the public to approach dance from elsewhere, because it is included in the work.

Also, the topics chosen for the works are moving towards better disclosure of social, psychological and personal issues that concern us all as members of a society.

Dance is not separated from life, so this company is seeking, through its expression, bringing the public a more human dance, we connect with the beauty, the most natural and most purifying. Beyond the technical language that is used as fundamental, the topics covered to clearly show where the energy is directed to, which created a ballet. Socially art is a tool that can educate, you can teach and transmit values ​​that make us better as we are sentient beings. The dance can make you feel, you can think and is a great tool to educate us in the search for a common good.

In turn, the dance is not detached from social life and society displays its values ​​through art, whatever its manifestation.

That's what this company says, to return humankind to the dance and therefore to educate through it, as we work to build a better society, where everyone is included.

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  • Alvarez, Rocio
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Bao, Raul
    Classical Ballet / Composer / Musician
  • Casamayor, Natalia
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Mollano, Maria
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Murillo, Lucia
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Olcese, Pedro
    Classical Ballet / Composer / Musician
  • Roura, Santiago
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Rubio, Matias
    Classical Ballet / Dancer