Montréal Danse

Montréal Danse is a contemporary dance company with a multi-faceted artistic mission anchored in community.
Under the artistic direction of Kathy Casey, we are a creation company, a research laboratory, a partner in the career development of Quebec artists, a producer of dances and movement-based performance works by innovative international artists, and a facilitator of cutting-edge choreographic development. The repertoire of the company has been in constant evolution for the last quarter century and boasts more than 50 works. More recently we have become the Montréal branch of the Dance Against Violence project.

Over the past few years, the company has made a commitment to increasing the freedom and the capacity to conduct in-depth research on the body in motion.
We seek actively to tap into the imagination of our time as it is expressed in and through the body, looking at the body as a site of transformation; the point of revelation of the inside to the outside. Running through all of our projects is the desire to thrill, challenge, change perceptions, and to build relationships with and among people. We create and present works of intelligence and humanity that are physically daring and emotionally complex.

Within Montréal’s vibrant dance community the company plays an important role in the development and touring of new choreographic voices.
More than half of our projects are in collaboration with Montréal based choreographers. It is equally important for us to explore voices from other communities so that we keep pace with where and how the contemporary dance field is developing and are continually challenged by new ideas and different points of view.
From these encounters are born works with outstanding artists from farther afield.

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  • carrier, Maryse
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Fueter, Elinor
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Hamel, Annik
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Harris, Rachel
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Leduc, Benoît
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Marier, Frédéric
    Contemporary dance / Dancer