MOD dance company

Under the artistic direction of dancer, choreographer and artistic visionary Brett Morgan, the avant-garde company was established 2009 in the heartbeat of Australian dance and entertainment, Sydney.
MDC presents a prolific ensemble of classically trained and charismatic contemporary dancers' who have the combined vision to push every entertaining edge with their precise techniques, enormous performance ability and engaging theatrical expression.
In its growing repertoires, the company has lined up collaborations with various renowned and upcoming artistic geniuses. These strong repertoire foundations have and will continue to propel the company in presenting groundbreaking and exciting productions in both Australia and internationally.
In its fresh founding, MDC has already experienced notable growth in recognition and public support, with overwhelming pledges in corporate and government sponsorship. Together with our valued sponsorship partners, MDC is set to become the exhilarating and ground-breaking contemporary dance and entertainment company it was conceived to be.

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  • Lowe, Teagan
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Morgan, Brett
    Classical Ballet / Artistic Director