K. Danse

The choreographic approach of the Compagnie K. Danse develops a contemporary movement language by the dialectic confrontation between the physical body (lived, experienced) and the visual body (seen, virtual).

The performances question the borders between fiction and reality, the social construction of the body, and the psychological structures in human relationships.

They investigate various digital technologies:

_ reactive costume and interactive dance floor (Tactile Sensations 2010-2011)

_ physiological sensors (Echo Room 2009, Para_site 2007)

_ programmed art (Gameplay 2005)

_ interactive real time image-sound environments, Max/Jitter (Nuit Ecran 2006, Lovely user 2004/5)

_ body sensors, interactive 3D and motion capture (Icare Ecart 2003)

_ internet (Danse e-Toile 2009, Fronter@ 2004, Danse et Toile 2002) …

Art-Science-Dance / CorpusMedia http://corpusmedia.k-danse.net/en/

The company develops its four main areas of activity (performance making, mediation, research, organization of events) within the framework of CorpusMedia: Digital Performance, connecting the French and Spanish regions of Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon, Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Aragon.

K. Danse is a member of Digital Art Network (RAN)


The company is invited by the city of Villeneuve-Tolosane (Théâtre Marcel Pagnol) to produce a full program of performances, workshops, community dance, special events …

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  • Holst, Anne
    Contemporary dance / Apprentice
  • Matos, Jean-Marc
    Contemporary dance / Artistic Director