Heike Hennig and Co

The international ensemble Heike Hennig & Co was founded in 2000 by Heike Hennig and Frederick U. Minkus founded in Leipzig. Together with more than 150 artists from various genres of architects to video artists realized Heike Hennig & Co numerous stage productions and interdisciplinary art projects. Heike Hennig & Co has since 2005 at the Leipzig Opera's home venue, where they are by their unconventional boundaries between music, dance, theater and new media have become known. With their productions they wear OPERA unplugged the program of events for the FZTM Leipzig in central Germany. In addition, Heike Hennig & Co with different partners at different stages and unusual places to experience. Thus the ensemble Heike Hennig & Co celebrated in the intergenerational staging opera Alcina with the Youth Orchestra Baroque "Bach's heirs" in 2008 to a peak in the Handel Festival in Halle. In the Leipzig Opera Heike Hennig & Co started with the documentary dance with time by the German cinemas. With the premiere of rituals a dance opera for George Frideric Handel, a tribute to his 250th by Heike Hennig Death, Heike Hennig & Co opened with the musical theater LAUTTEN COMPAGNEY Berlin new dimensions. The completion of the Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin, they succeeded in 2009 with the staging Timeless a work of art out of dance music and architecture. The dance oratorio Maria was hailed by audiences and critics as a masterpiece.

The ensemble Heike Hennig & Co is a privately held company culture which is funded entirely by its own productions and guest performances. Heike Hennig & Co was founded in 2010, the Heike Hennig gGmbH as an independent holding company. The ensemble has, in contrast to comparable institutions such as the municipal utilities of the city of Leipzig survive so far without municipal subsidies.

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  • Hennig, Heike
    Classical Ballet / Artistic Director