Gruppen Fyra

Dance company Gruppen Fyra is a finnish contemporary dance group, established in 1998. Gruppen Fyra´s current members are Master on art Pia Tavela, Jenni Nikolajeff, Virpi Juntti, Kaisu Hölttä and Tommi Haapaniemi. The group also has several bonus members representing different branches of the arts.

Gruppen Fyra makes 1-3 production per year. Dance company´s programme consists of tour performances, commissioned works as well as the long-standing hit performances. In addition to its performances at theatres, Gruppen Fyra has performed at private company occasions and at most unlikely places such as parks, city streets and even trams.

Gruppen Fyra has performed in many different occasions in Finland and abroad (Japan and Portugal 2004, Iceland, Thailand and Norway 2000). The group started out for two reasons: The members of the group wanted to employ themselves and they also wanted to expand people’s knowledge of dance by performing in places where dance is not normally seen; in the streets, trams, fairs, department stores and in different business occasions just to mention a few. Gruppen Fyra can also make improvisation based performances for different outdoorevents.

Gruppen Fyra is a fresh breeze in the field of Finnish contemporary dance. Their style of making high-level and easily approachable contemporary dance filled with humour has been received with great enthusiasm.

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  • Haapaniemi, Tommi
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Holtta, Kaisu
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Juntti, Virpi
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Nikolajeff, Jenni
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Tavela, Pia
    Contemporary dance / Dancer