Die Rebel

The Rebel Dance Company (RDC) was founded in 1974 by the instructor, choreographer, dancer and author Günther Rebel, then under the name "Jazz Dance Company." The group is probably the oldest independent group in Germany. Members sought out the former Rebel Guenther, as now, from talented and enthusiastic students of the school opened simultaneously "Rebel Dance", which is headed since 1986 by David Rebel. With "Jazz History" was the first program shown publicly. Since then, nearly a year following new programs. After a few years the premieres took place mainly in the small house of the Municipal Theater of Münster, opened up then in 1991 the cultural bar in the main station as Hauptvorstellungsort and in-house stage was. The foundation of the dance culture of Münster eV brought In 1987 the name was changed to "Rebel Dance Company "with it. To date, Guenther Rebel is the artistic director of the group. It was always his goal, even other choreographers who often developed from the group to promote, so that emerged over time and productions of the group members and guests. Guest choreographers, among others Miguel Godreau (Alvin Ailey Company) and Armgard von Bardeleben (Martha Graham Company). Since the founding of the RDC, the Company had approximately 200 active members dancing. . Form the core of the RDC on average 8-15 dancers , many of the dance remain connected and make the leap into the professional field and are now in national and international platforms - often in musicals - worked. The most famous former member, the RDC has vorzuweisen is certainly Ute Lemper. As a guest pianist idol Alsmann accompanied the 18-year-old, the RDC in one of their earlier programs. Not only on stage but also in Münster guest performances in other German cities such as Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and toured in Moscow, Paris, Basel, Ghent and Tel Aviv, the RDC was seen previously.

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