The Founders of Dancecyprus aspire to provide a permanent, professional company to uplift and entertain our audiences and to inspire dancers and choreographers to believe they have a future in this country.

Dancecyprus has the following aims:

To perform a repertoire in a variety of styles. The repertoire will also include performances in which part of the program will be music only.
To encourage artists to be inspired by Cypriot heritage and culture, thus developing the company’s Cypriot identity.
To create new works.
To promote performance opportunities for professional dancers and musicians from Cyprus and abroad.
To extend audiences by providing easy access to a broad spectrum of dance.
To develop understanding and enjoyment of dance by imaginative programming, lectures, lecture-demonstrations, informal talks, interviews, etc.
To act as cultural ambassadors abroad.
To cooperate with other charities where appropriate.

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  • Candia, Mauro de
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer
  • Colandrea, Antonio
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer
  • Constantinou, Carolina
    Classical Ballet / Artistic Director
  • Ficely, Julien
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer