Compagnie Yann Lheureux

Yann Lheureux Company , founded in 1994, is now well established in national and international dance landscape. Its choreographer, continues its commitment that leads him to invest different territories. By building strong links with artists and operators from other countries (Spain, Germany, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Korea, Indian Ocean, South Africa ...), other artistic horizons (theater, video, multimedia ...) , for time to research and creations.

In June 2003, the company settled on " Workshop "(location), located in downtown Montpellier. Yann Lheureux and his company continued research crossing the scriptures (as the media in the presence and in the form of writing improvised or composed) and question the notion of territory. This notion is also broken down through the artistic research and the structuring of the company. The area immediately raises the notion of limit fields of observation.

Through all the scenic elements available with the first body that is decisive, the choreography can strongly sensitive to create worlds, territories strange, new worlds ... Each of the company is creating a new attempt ties and porosity between different artistic territories.

Question art no more or less every time you create what status for the viewer, the artist, what place is left for the body ... Return to determining critical issues and to stage an essential. This is the requirement that we place in the various creative projects.

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