Compagnie Elyamni

The Compagnie EYAMNI was founded in 2005, with the complicity and collaboration of diverse contemporary artists. Directed by Samir El Yamni, the company ideal is to create a forum where different minds can rub together, with the common goal of exchanging by creating, distributing and raising awareness. Since 2006 the company’s work has been essentially concentrating on the Identity Project . This project is above all a meeting point for reflection, between different artists from different backgrounds and countries, all with the same desire to share exchange and research new forms of artistic expression. « Above all, dance represents a world where different cultures mix, each one confronted with its own history, music, text and which for me provides a pretext for a new dance » Samir El Yamni Support: the Ministry of Culture and Communication for the DRAC PACA, the Provence Alpes Cotes D’Azur Region, and the Bouches du Rhône Department General Council. Samir EL YAMNI [choreographer - dancer] Born in Orleans, France, of Marocain descent, Samir begins his training in classical dance with Christian Pioggioli in Paris, followed by his initiation into theatre with Christian Remer and modern dance with Raza Hammadi. His carrier as a dancer takes off in 1998 performing for Waldemar Brandovsky, Rosemary Brant, Matteo Moles, Thierry Smith… Concurrent to his carrier as a performer, he creates the duo "PERSONNE" (Nobody), in 1999 and "QUATUOR" (Quartet), in 2000. From 2003 to 2005 he’s a dancer for Angelin Preljocaj at the Ballet Preljocaj, National Choreographic Center in Aix-en-Provence. While on tour in Brazil in 2004, he’s invited by the S.E.S.C. Vila Mariana in Sao Paulo to work with dancers from different Brazilian companies: Cisne Negro, Stagium, Cia de Dança de Diadema and Balé da Cidade. This experience leads him to found his own company in 2005, based in Marseille, to continue to collaborate with diverse artists; He creates « LIMIT » the same year, a choreographic piece for three dancers and two saxophonists. His work has since focused mainly on the identity theme. In 2006 he creates the solo «SIGNE» (Sign), the first panel of the Triptych identities project. With his company, Samir organizes a number of encounters with the general public to raise awareness to the world of contemporary dance and also runs various workshops on choreographic research and composition. In 2007, while the Compagnie ELYAMNI is in residency at the CNDC of Châteauvallon, Samir is named associate artist. He creates the choreographic quartet « DIGA-ME », second panel of his identities project.

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  • Choquet, Marie Adeline
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Moraes, Ana Carolina
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Yamni, Samir El
    Contemporary dance / Artistic Director