Founded by choreographer and dancer Alvin Erasga Tolentino in 2000, Co.ERASGA has a distinguished international reputation of a singular vision of hybrid dance, diversity and collaborations of other artistic practice and multimedia.

At the heart of Co. ERASGA is Artistic Director Alvin Erasga Tolentino, a Filipino-Canadian artist of remarkable commitment, talent and energy, whose diverse cultural background and heritage has been a driving force for much of the company’s work. In addressing themes that reflect Tolentino’s individuality, global awareness and ethnicity, we expose and explore issues of cultural identity, Gender, hybridity, and promote cross-cultural dialogue.

Working regularly with artists from different cultures, Co.ERASGA promotes exchanges, visioning and creation bridging ideas and aesthetics between the wealth, polarities and heritage of East, West and the global phenomena.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, Co.ERASGA has created critically acclaimed contemporary dance productions: SOLA, BATO/Stone, MINORI, Volt, She Said, Field, OrienTik/Portrait, BODYGlass, PARADISE/Paradis, ADAMEVE/Man-Woman, Shadow Machine and most recently EXpose.


Co.ERASGA is a contemporary dance company founded on the principles of innovation, artistic integrity and social reflection. Our works explore such diverse and complex issues as the nature of gender and identity, ethnicity in a global world, the spiritual realm and freedom as integral parts of the human experience, and the nature of self in relation to the creation of art.

Our mission is to:

Produce and promote original contemporary dance to a broad audience across British Columbia, Canada and internationally;
Recognize and celebrate Asian heritage and diversity within Canadian multiculturalism;
Foster the creation of inter-disciplinary performance works;
Partner with dance artists at the emerging and professional levels through involvement in the Company’s processes
Co.ERASGA’s purpose and goal is to expand to a wider demographic through our creations and dance performances, training and development activities and community outreach. To realize original interdisciplinary works that challenge the art of dance through diverse collaborations. In dance we aim to be an artistic expressive catalyst, a strengthening link, and an expansive cultural force, extending from the Canadian West Coast across the nation and abroad.

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  • Brett, Delia
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Chin, Peter
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Cooper, Ann
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Daelik,
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Denham, Alison
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Farquahar, Caroline
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Inthamoussú, Martin
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Kwan, Ziyian
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Lauson, Daniel
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Marchenski, Billy
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • McDermott, Molly
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Nann, Andrea
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Nel, Jackie
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Osborne, Jane
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Peters, Deanna
    Contemporary dance / Dancer
  • Tolentino, Alvin Erasga
    Contemporary dance / Artistic Director
  • Wagerer, Lydia
    Classical Ballet / Choreographer
  • Wei, Chengxin
    Contemporary dance / Dancer