Cia. de Dança Deborah Colker

In 1993 was born in the dancehalls of a club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, called Casa do Minho, where Deborah taught, the embryo of what would be the Deborah Colker Dance Company. She debuted in the Dance Panorama of Rio and in 1994 her Company debuted at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro at the Globo in Movement Festival, in a double program with Momix Dance Group.

In 1995, thanks to their work’s repercussion, the Company earned an exclusive official sponsorship from the Brazil state oil company Petrobras - which has allowed her to take off on soaring flights of creation and make a solid name for herself in the world dance panorama.

Being able to develop work in headquarters of their own, the Company has been hard at work building new languages that are startling in their insertion, in dance, of unheard-of scenic elements and thus assert her contemporaneity, mixing dance technique with the everyday themes her audiences relate to.

Over the years, the company has staged performances in France, Germany, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina, Canada, United States, Holland, Singapore, New Zealand, Macao and Ireland

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