Ballet d´Europe

After a brilliant international career, Jean-Charles Gil founded in 1999, the Youth Ballet in Europe. Bringing together young dancers from the countries of geographical Europe, and they round off their training and up, time for a summer, a company. For these young people is a transition to working life, a way to experience the life company, the creative work with choreographers.
Jean-Charles Gil transmits his passion for dance, experience the art. It creates for these young Fantasy for All , the Fantaisie in C Op 80 for piano, chorus and orchestra by Beethoven, ballet is taken during each Summer.

In 2003, Jean-Charles Gil goes one step further, creating its own permanent company, Ballet in Europe. Both Dance Company quality and status of the laboratory where the dancer is developed and tested, the Ballet of young dancers in Europe combines employability and experienced dancers eager to share their experience and their future.

The first production was presented in December 2003 at the Dock des Suds in Marseille and the company toured regionally, nationally, and internationally in 2004.
For this first show, Jean-Charles Gil, director of the Company, proposed a program open to different choreographic languages ​​today. This program of four pieces was part of the tradition of artistic collaborations established in the past with different choreographers Summer University. Flamingo Mix Lionel Hoche, DS . Régis Obadia, Dream of Jorma Uotinen and Petrouchka , the first creation of Jean-Charles Gil for his permanent company, were presented.

In 2004, the Ballet d'Europe celebrates the centenary of the Nobel Prize for Literature Frederic Mistral, creating the Theatre Antique in Arles Mireille , choreographed by Jean-Charles Gil from the novel by the author of Provence. In December, the company happens to Friche Belle de Mai to create Glyphs Luca Veggetti and Schubert In Love by Jean-Charles Gil. Ballet in Europe also includes Cor Perdut , Nacho Duato, in its directory.

2005 saw the creation of One More Time , a tribute to Jean-Charles Gil to his friend the painter Alfred Hofkunst, with music by John Adams. During the summer, Ballet in Europe enters into a promising first contact with three countries in the Middle East - Syria, Jordan and Lebanon - are dancing in Mireille .
Appointment is therefore made ​​to create the Damascus Opera in July 2006, Mozart Requiem , the creation with which Jean-Charles Gil initiates a collaboration with artist jack of all Jean Michel Bruyère. After a tour of the Middle East, takes the 2006-2007 season in Europe and Ballet Repertory in Cambodia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain ... and Mireille Jean-Charles Gil is transmitted to the Ballet of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.
In spring 2008, the Ballet d'Europe is invited to the Chatelet, where Jean-Charles Gil creates FOLAVI , and the International Festival of Valencia for the International Dance Day.
In June 2008, on the occasion of the Feast Blue, Jean-Charles Gil offers a world premiere at the Marseille public with Sweet Gershwin .
A year later, he resumed his work on the Mediterranean Women, initiated with Elektra in 1995 and pousuivi with Mireille , creating a breath of Women , before returning to the stage with Monique Loudières in January 2010 at the Théâtre des Salins for Trace with I .
With Udora Polimatés (in partnership with the French Institute of Tangier), Jean-Charles Gil began in April 2010 a dedicated water cycle, themes on which he takes on Ballet in Europe until 2013.

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  • Antonino, Ceresia
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Floc\'h, Ludovick Le
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Frank, Natacha
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Gil, Jean-Charles
    Classical Ballet / Artistic Director
  • Gonzalez, Florencia
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Jean-Philippe, Bayle
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Marie, Shimada
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Marion, Baudinaud
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Pierre, Henrion
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Romero, Christophe
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Sara, Lupoli
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Soraluce, Odriozola-Erick
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Takada, Tatsuki
    Classical Ballet / Dancer
  • Williams, Shelby
    Classical Ballet / Dancer