Ballet Kelowna

What in 2002 seemed like a pipe dream, has blossomed into a “Made in Kelowna” boutique dance company that is gaining attention across BC and also on the national level with its own, signature brand of “inno-classical” dance. The power, grace, beauty and athleticism of our dancers is only achieved through dedication, hard work and a driving commitment to be excellent. The start-up of a young ballet company that has managed to operate in a fiscally sound way, is only possible with the dedication of talented, visionary believers on both the Staff Team and the Volunteer Corps, including the Board of Directors, working together. Meet some of our amazing team on the following pages.

Ballet Kelowna is breathtakingly beautiful, bold and fresh; captivating audiences with classical and innovative dance. Because we are such a small ballet company, our performances are intimate, carefully crafted, rare and precious, captivating audiences through the movement of dance.

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  • Cecchini, Christina
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • Cuba, Nacional de
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • Heppell, Raelynn
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • LaHay, David
    Классический балет / Художественный руководитель творческого коллектива
  • Luce, Davin
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • McCooey, Brenddan
    Классический балет / Dancer
  • Trumpet, Falcon\'s
    Классический балет / Dancer