Stellar Alliance video channel

Le Corsaire. The making of.

En Pointe from Xenia

Adventures of a ballet in motion pictures

Number one love story revised.

Revision of a Balanchine’s Serenade at Bolshoi Ballet with Sandra Jennings

Choreographer Nadezhda Malygina. State Ballet of Russia Company

Making of Esmeralda in Bolshoi Ballet

330 years of Russian Ballet clip

Ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina about ballet and and The Internet Ballet Database

Choreographer Sergei Vikharev about ballet and The Internet Ballet Database

Ballerina Maria Alexandrova about ballet and The Internet Ballet Database

In association with DANCE CHANNEL TV

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Reply by Natalie Nabatov 2012-06-21 18:10:58
What wonderful interviews. I am a dance historian and author, particularly interested in the revision of old 19th-century ballets, so found the interviews with Vikharev and Burlaka especially helpful. Thank you for this fine website.

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