If you dream about ballet…


According to Sigmund Freud, who developed his psychoanalytical theories about repressing desires and impulses into the unconscious mind, if you dream about ballet it means that in real life you can laugh at yourself.

Well, it seems that the great man didn’t have a very high opinion of our beautiful art – or maybe he was simply repressing a personal desire to pas de deux with the great Viennese ballerina Fanny Elssler and, undoubtedly smart as he was, couldn’t psychoanalyze himself. He should have gone to see a psychiatrist!

And here’s what the Ezoterichesky Dream Book has to say on the subject. If you dream of ballet it means that there is no order in your thoughts and your levity will bring nothing but trouble.

It gets worse. The Love Dream Book tells us that dreaming about ballet is negative and means that your beloved will become jealous and dump you.

Hedging his bets, another interpreter of dreams tells us that it’s a good dream if you were dancing yourself, but if you were watching a performance it’s a warning to look after your health.

Doesn’t any of these eminences have a good word to say about ballet? Well, there’s one at least. According to St. Simon the Apostle, dancing is a divine blessing. That’s nice to know!

And now it gets better. Some psychiatrists tell us that to dream about ballet symbolizes balance, coordination and harmony. Going a step further, they believe that to see or wear ballet slippers in your dream represents your understanding of the principles of balance and grace, meaning that you carry yourself with poise and get along well with others.

Taking it to a more serious level, dreams of ballet dancing may contain elements of wish-fulfillment (stifled aspirations, hopes, and desires that seemed unattainable, but remain in our subconscious and are fulfilled in dreams), but there is the underlying fact that it takes years of dedicated hard work. Such a dream may be encouraging you to persevere with even amateur artistic skills, or there may be a general comment on your attitude toward work that demands discipline.

On a more optimistic note: to dream of seeing beautiful ballet dancers in a gorgeous setting foretells that you will make new friends and that you will enjoy many social activities.

How do they come up with all this stuff?
One thing’s for sure, with all these free interpretations floating around there’s no need for us to cross the fortune teller’s palm with silver.
So let’s end on a light note. It’s OK if you’re not a ballerina, but if you’re feeling muscle bound get out and dance.
Who’s keeping you on your toes?
See you in my dreams!