Mtsushita Yuji


Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born Sagae, Yamagata Prefecture. Jazz dance at age 4, studied tap dancing. In 1993, jazz dance competition in 93 said the 8th National Cultural Festival, winning the Grand Prix Award and the Education Minister. Film at the age of 15 \\\"Bolero of love and sorrow,\\\" Don Georges in \\\"Bolero\\\" impressed by watching a ballet begins in earnest. In 2002, entered the ballet school in Tokyo, Akira menial grooves were studied in order Morita Ya. In 2003, he joined the Tokyo Ballet, Ballet Festival special program total film 10th year, \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" in the first set foot on stage.

\\\"The Nutcracker Prince\\\"
photo: Kiyonori Hasegawa 2004 \\\"The Miraculous\\\" China\\\'s premiere ballet, The \\\"gambling III\\\" appeared. In 2005, Ashton choreographed \\\"Midsummer Night\\\'s Dream\\\" premiere ballet dancing in the pack, attracting attention. In 2006, edition Marahofu \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" and dance with us in Carabosse, the next concert tour 22 is \\\"Phoenix\\\" for the first time a partisan dance. \\\"Swan Lake\\\" ACA \\\"real business experience performing arts\\\" dance performance by clowning in Kochi. The \\\"Daughter of the Danube,\\\" which appeared in other ballet premiered in Tokyo, Bejart choreographed \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" has been picked up in Felix the Cat. In 2007, \\\"Zakabuki\\\" constant struggle, \\\"Stepping Stones\\\" for the first time as well dance \\\"Swan Lake\\\" clown, \\\"A Midsummer Night\\\'s Dream\\\" is playing the pack. 2008 \\\"Rite of Spring\\\" Two young men, \\\"Dance of the Greek\\\" pas de deux, \\\"Don Quixote\\\" Gamashu, \\\"Giselle\\\" danced for the first time Padoyuitto. 2009, edition Marahofu \\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\" male cat, Blue Bird, \\\"TomTom\\\" first solo, \\\"Rumi\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet Premiere, Makarova version \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" bronze ballet premiered in Tokyo Magudaveya played well, \\\"The Nutcracker\\\" has played a total film classic starring in the first. 10 years, \\\"La Sylphide\\\" Garn, and dance the pas de deux for the first time, The \\\"White Shadow\\\" appeared in world premiere. Followed by \\\"Sylvia\\\" Ballet Premiere in Tokyo goat, \\\"Zakabuki\\\" 高師直 first time, and \\\"Onegin,\\\" which appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiere. In \\\"Masquerade,\\\" \\\"Four Seasons\\\" Autumn dance \\\"Petrushka\\\" Four men, \\\"Rite of Spring\\\" Two young men, \\\"M\\\" danced the waltz .
In addition, \\\"Etude,\\\" \\\"Theme and Variations,\\\" \\\"Carmen,\\\" \\\"Symphony in D\\\" \\\"Bolero,\\\" \\\"Colors of the season,\\\" \\\"Spring and Fall,\\\" \\\"Seven Haiku 寄Seru the Moon\\\" appeared like.
February 11 \\\"Dancing In The Mirror\\\" appeared in the Tokyo Ballet premiered in April, \\\"Rabayaderu\\\" bronze statue, plays a Magudaveya June \\\"Swan Lake\\\" antics, such as Padotorowa danced. Mon 7 \\\"White Shadow,\\\" \\\"Before Night Falls,\\\" the second movement, in August, \\\"Giselle\\\" danced Padoyuitto. October \\\"Rural Affairs\\\" and the other co-starred in the role Korya Sylvie Guillem, \\\"White Suite\\\" Presto, \\\"Perfect Conception\\\" is dancing for the first time.

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