Vita Valerio De


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Graduating at the Department of Art dance, three-year course Contemporary Dance of the \' AND (National Academy of Dance) in Rome. During the training also studies with Sacha Ramos, Mauro Astolfi (contemporary technique), Mia Molinari (technical jazz). Attend performances of going to the choreography of Mario Piazza, Vladimir Fedyanine, Oretta Gonzo, etc..

Since 2009, following Pompea Santoro in his Stage and Workshop to improve their technique and learn the repertoire by Mats Ek.

Participates in numerous competitions, winning the 1 st prize at the Competition City of Montecatini Terme, 2006 , 1 st prize at the National Dance Dance Two Thousands the Fasano 2007 , and is a finalist in the XVII Dance Festival Competition Rieti .

In 2005 she collaborated with the group Studio Festi \'s Company Valerio Festi .
From 2005 until 2007 he worked in the dance company Young Dancers directed by Gisella Biondo.
From 2008 he worked with the company and the Circle Centre Longo directed by Ross as a dancer and assistant dance choreographer.

Since 2005 she has a busy teaching as a professor of classical and contemporary dance technique in several centers in Rome.

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In 2007 he started working with the Excursus Company as a dancer and as a teaching assistant for the technique of contemporary dance.

Dance Company in the production of Excursus
The dream factory
Tango ElektroBar
Three red flowers

Choreographic creation
From 2005 he began his own choreographic research and in education, both in art and won several awards:

Discotecque - 2010
1st prize at the International Competition Barcelona Dance Awards

Alone - 2010
1st place at the Rieti International Dance Festival Competition

Wild-Eyed - 2009
4th place Rieti International Competition Dance Festival
Choreography included in the program ElektroBar Tango Society of Excursus.

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