Fujii Naoko

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

Inoue Ballet principal.
Inoue Ballet School teacher.
Training to the Royal Danish Ballet in 1984.
Giselle to receive instruction in Ninaviruboba Opera in 1992.
The repertoire include \"Swan Lake\" Odette, and Odile, \"Sleeping Beauty\" Aurora, \"The Nutcracker\" made ​​of candy \"La Sylphide\" Sylphides, and \"Giselle\" Giselle\'s \"Coppelia\" on The total film works as well, such as lead Suwaniruda \"Padokatoru\" Cerrito, the \"pack\" Titania\'s \"Romeo and Juliet\" there is a small piece of lead, such as Juliet ballet. As a partner, Bruce San Som\'s Royal Ballet, Australian Ballet\'s Steven Heathcote, the Royal Danish Ballet (then) Yohankobo of, and Jamin Van Pesch of the Paris Opera.
In addition to classical ballet, show the presence of a modern and lively work.

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