Iwase Mayu

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Classical Ballet / Dancer

In 1999, joined Ballet Studio Chikage Kanzawa.

In 2002, the High School # 2 fifth NBA National Ballet Competition. # 1 of the high school\'s National Ballet Competition, Part 2 Town

Year 2004, 8th Ballet Competition 21 1e division. # 1 of the Nagoya Women\'s Senior 8 th Zabarekon

2005 # 2 Senior National Ballet Competition of the 8th NBA. Momoko Tani Scholarship Award Special Award for the # 1 Senior Competition AJBU 5th. Moscow Ballet Academy student, graduating in 2008. Marina studied under Leo Nowa principal.

In 2008, Ballet Studio 10 Anniversary Chikage Kanzawa \"Sleeping Beauty,\" starring all act.

2009 # 1 in the Senior Women Zabarekon 5th Fukuoka.

2010, 14th Ballet Competition # 3 of 21 professional category.

2011, joined the ballet NBA team

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