Takamura Junko

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Classical Ballet / Soloist

Born in Yokohama. Start ballet at age 5. The 13th Kanagawa Arts Festival at the age of 14, \\\\\\\"Don Quixote\\\\\\\" Cupid dances on the stage of the total film. In 1992 he joined the Tokyo Ballet. 役Dokoro dance utilizing a number of important personalities on innocent cute.

1993 \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" by stepping on the first stage, in 1995, \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" is selected in the spirit of carefree. Subsequently, in 1997, \\\\\\\"Swan Lake\\\\\\\" four swans, \\\\\\\"The Nutcracker\\\\\\\" Koronbinu in France, in 1998, \\\\\\\"Sleeping Beauty\\\\\\\" made of sapphire, and white cat, etc., all act in the classic work As will act as the main soloist.

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