Kovac Iztok

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Contemporary dance / Artistic Director

horeographer, teacher and dancer Iztok Kovač, the founder of EN-KNAP, artistic director of EnKnapGroup and director of Španski Borci Cultural Centre, in 1990s almost out of nothing established the notion of the Slovene contemporary dance in the cultural space of Europe and beyond.
In 20 years, his EN-KNAP has introduced and established its own esthetics inside the European space and formed its trade-mark, into which many acclaimed coproducers have invested from the outset. Following a period in which he created with several accidental groups around the Europe, Kovač synthetized in 1991 his dance experiences in the solo entitled How I Caught A Falcon, a kind of manifesto of his own language which jumpstarted his career and earned hit TimeOut London Dance and Performance Award. This award for visiting artists in 1993 was also given to Merce Cunningham.

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