Hadzialjevic Evin

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Contemporary dance / Dancer

Slovenia (1986) part of the EKG between September 2010 and May 2011.

Evin Hadžialjević finished High School for contemporary dance in 2005. After that she graduated from BA(Hons) Dance Theater, Laban in London. Since 2004 she has appeared as a dancer in several projects by choreographers such as Maja Delak and Mala Kline, Etta Etmini, Jeremy Nelson, Jorge M. Crecis, Ana Katarina Vieira and Angelo Madureira, Marijs Boulogne, Sinja Ožbolt etc. Since 2006 she has created and performed in numerous choreographies which she has also presented on many festivals in her home country and abroad. She received an
OPUS-1 award for best dance performance for her miniature piece »Albi« as well as an award for most promissing young dancer on Živa festival.

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