Cazzato Emmanuel


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Emanuel was born in Cazzato Tricase in the province of Lecce in 1992. Since 2004, he attended the dance school \"The Ballet\" directed by Elena De Donno and the exams are not present at the end of academic year reaching more good results. Soon participates successfully in numerous national dance competitions such as the Competition \"Marie Taglioni\" (Croton), where he won the first prize co Dance talent, the competition \"Barid\" 1 award for the Junior Ballet soloist, winning a scholarship to study at the Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes. From 2007 to 2010 was a finalist and winner of all editions of the International Competition \"Talents on Stage.\" Among the awards he won several scholarships in the School of Dance Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan and a scholarship for one year Dresden Semper Opera Ballet. In 2010 the winners of the fifteenth edition of the National Contest \"Barid\".

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