Amzallaq David


Contemporary dance / Choreographer

Born in Trondheim, Norway, 1970. Fulfilled the cliché of a Norwegian childhood with wild nature, social democracy values, and violent troll fairytales.
As an artistic director of Jo Strømgren Kompani, founded 1998, he has developed a significant personal style with a mix of theatre, dance, puppets, film, and live music – wrapped in a nonsensical language frame. Click JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI for more details.

As a choreographer he has been commissioned by a wide range of companies – from classical to contemporary. Click CHOREOGRAPHIES for a complete list. As a theatre director he has mostly been working with national and municipal theatres in Scandinavia, predominantly with plays by Henrik Ibsen. As a playwright he has written a long list of plays for theatre and scripts for film. He is a member of Writer’s Guild of Norway.

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