Pardo Daniel Flores


Contemporary dance / Dancer

Daniel studied contemporary and classical ballet at the Conservatorio Profesional de Dances de Barcelona (Institut del Teatre) for 4 years. He graduated in 2011. He has danced choreographies of Oller, Gustavo Ramirez, Claudi Bombardó… in theaters like Ovidi Monitor y Sant Andreu Teatre (SAT) 2007-2010. He has performed for the inauguration of the exposition “Poethic Cubs” 2009 and Company Contrapuntos. Choreographed by Claudi Bombardó in Italy. In 2010, Daniel was employed to dance in the contemporary dance competition in Gibraltar. Finally, in 2011 he went to the Junior Company of contemporary dance in N.D.I Epsedanse France, Montpellier, where he stayed until joining BDT.

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