Foldi Bela


Classical Ballet / Artistic Director

He started his classical ballet and jazz dance studies in Budapest, and he continued them all around Europe. In 1991 he founded his own dance company the Budapest Dance Theatre that is one of the leading dance companies in Hungary.

He is not only the art director of his company but he teaches on an everyday basis, and he is a creative choreographer.

Beside his agenda at the theatre he enjoys teaching in different dance courses around Europe.

In his modern dance courses he mixes his special taste with classical ballett, Raza Hammadi\'s jazz and Limon techniques. He describes his own teaching methods as conscious body training. How the action and reaction of energies and the laws of physics effect the human body with the utilization of anatomical rationality and the dancers\' natural endowments.

Throughout his activity he has worked with world famous Hungarian and foreign choreographers: Pál Frenák, Gyula Berger, Tamás Juronics, Raza Hammadi, Glenn van der Hoff, Neel Verdoorn, Séan Curran, Vassili Sulich and Marie-Laure Tarneaud.

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